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This is where all of the rules and guides go!

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This is where all of the general out of character things happen. Includes games, roleplay discussion, and an area to post almost anything you want!

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The Clans


ThunderClan cats are known best for their fierceness and bravery, and they have a stronger build than most of the other Clan cats. They are respectful to other Clans, but are not afraid to speak their mind and challenge the warrior code for what is right.

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WindClanners are agile and lean, and are best known for their hunting and running skills on the vast moors that make up WindClan's territory.

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RiverClan cats are unique because they are the only clan to spend much of their lives in and around the water. Rather than hunting for land prey, they hunt for fish. They are known for their sleek fur and swimming skills. They are fiercely proud.

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ShadowClan's cats are wily, and are known for their sneakiness and willingness to break the warrior code for their own gain. But their battle skills make them a formidable enemy, so they all try to maintain peace with ShadowClan.

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Outside of the Clans

Abandoned Horseplace

The Horseplace that sits at the edge of RiverClan's territory has been abandoned for quite a while now, leaving the area unguarded. It is now overrun by rats, bats, and cats

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Twoleg Place

The Twoleg Place is where most monsters, twolegs, kittypets, and dogs live. It is caked with thunderpaths and twoleg dens, therefor the clan cats usually try to stay away from it. It is considered a very dangerous place, and the angry stray cats who live there only cause trouble.

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Anywhere that is not clan cat territory.

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Areas of Peace


The Moonstone is placed at the end of the Mothermouth's tunnel. It is a large crystal quartz in an even larger cavern with a small opening in it's roof that allows moonlight to reflect off of it. Medecine cats gather here every half moon to speak with StarClan, and leaders recieve their nine lives here.

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Four great oaks tower above the Clans, joining them together for peace every full moon. The four trees are kindled together, each tall and standing next to one another. A large rock lies at the base of the trees, where Clan Leaders sit upon when regulating to all Clans.

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